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--I note that you have checked out the fine Staff Clubs (not bad ass enough to be in mine, but no one is perfect). Any more of those badboys in your sights?
Well, i'm looking to acquire Nozza's next. I like the Skull picture, i do think it is the best looking award. I may attempt Troy's too as i am within reach of it. I would also like to take this special opportunity to apologize to The Pants Party for suggesting his award was Spiderman. I was promptly corrected and feared for my accounts life for some time after this monumental cock-up. Please forgive my super hero ignorance.

--If you could make your own club - which games would make the cut, and why?
I'm torn between two different ideas. As you can see i have thought about this. My first idea would be to have Borderlands 1&2 plus all DLC and Rage plus DLC. The club would be called something along the lines of 'Scotty's Melee of Shooty Carnage(now with 400% more explosions)'. I have no idea what the picture would be though.

My second idea was to have all of the Hitman games, but i don't have a good name for it. The picture would of course be the rubber ducky.

--Which game(s) are you most eagerly awaiting?
Probably Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Six: Patriots. I have fears about Rainbow Six though, i just can't escape the thought of it being terrible. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 was one of my all time favorites, so i have really high hopes for Patriots. Battlefield 4 will obviously be amazing. I am looking forward to GTA:5 too, but i didn't think too much of GTA:IV. I'm more of a Saints Row man myself, which reminds me that i'm also looking forward to the fourth Saints game.

--If you could add ONE thing/feature to the site, what would it be?
Tough question. I have been sat thinking about this now for like 2 minutes and i honestly have no idea. I would probably just opt for the obvious gamerscore tracking. I know, i'm boring.

--If you were Admin of the site for a day, what would you do?!
Well first, i would change the name of the site to, of course. Then i would probably ban a couple of people, only temp bans though, just so they know that i can. I would be changing peoples names to humor myself and maybe change some peoples name to a horrible color. I would not be a welcome face after my 24 hours where up.

--Any closing remarks?
Yeah, my name's not really Winston.

Also, the usual thank you's to everyone who contributes and runs the place for making it the greatest forum on the internet. I love you all.

Now that that's over, Jackanape, where is this fortune i was promised?

(Ah ha ha ha ha, fortune? I don't know what this guy is talking about. Must be some crossed wires somewhere. Ahem! Time to go - come back next time ya'll.)

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