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Originally Posted by TheCloudAtlas View Post
So, What are your thoughts about this and EA? you think that "The devil's Cartel" will have the same fate?
Unlike the new Army Of Twoevils Cartel the first Army Of Two actualy had MP and not a bad one either to be totaly honest, at least much more enjoyable then the mess they added in the 40th day. I realy would love to go back and play that MP again because it was team based and basicly you and a buddy could not just battle it out against 3 other teams of two but also was it objective based, there you could rush to get a money briefcase or kill a VIP target (always a heavy) I think the concept was way better then the junk they add these days and call it MP. Anyways as far as the server thingy goes, i,m sure the last two Army Of Two games will join the same faith as the first one and they shut down the server for those aswell knowing EA. I rather had seen they kept the Army Of Two server open as alot of people realy want to play it again and get those achievements they been missing out on sinds servers are out.
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