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Originally Posted by Yunder View Post
Not a chicken! 40
You mission freak!

This achievement is for completing 10 secondary missions.
There are a total of 30 secondary missions within the game, but only 10 are needed for the achievement. You can play missions after zone 4, where you first meet Future Ash 2.0. He will give you a set of missions to complete. After completing 10 of these (across all zones) the achievement will unlock.
Hi everyone,

I've done 29 missions out of the 30 available, but I can't do one I didn't find how to do. It's the third mission of the "manga-style" area, with the japanese-style pop-song.

The goal for this mission is to gain the finish-line with out submarine, in 15 secondes and without using extra-fuel.

The things are that the countdown of 15s is up before we're out of fuel, and that I couldn't find the exit of the mission. I've visited all the level, but nowhere there is an exit point...

Did someone succeed doing that mission, please? If yes, how? Thanks !
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