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Originally Posted by UberPirateNinja View Post
Yeah, got stuck here too, it's not immediately clear what you need to do. I got frustrated after several attempts, then came on here looking for help

Cheers for the pointers.
Ditto. I thought that kenny or news reporter girl was gonna crawl through the window, so i waited for like 10 minutes.

Everytime i got to the point where she points the gun at you, i mustve been moving the right stick to see if a diaglog would pop up (which it didnt).
you just have to let go of the controller when she point the gun, wait a second, then you can press X or move RS around to get the dialog option

im speculating here, but:
i think if you watch brenda as you walk, you will see her shove the gun into kattias neck. when she does that, stop walking. wait a second, and she will relax. maybe if you initiate the gun pointing scene with brenda more relaxed, it might keep her from shooting you as well (you still have to stop touching everything)
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