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Originally Posted by Yaris S 4 View Post
Okay guys, so I'm hosting a party on Monday, so far there is

1. Yaris S 4
2. Winter Est
3. DeadGhostBurial
4. Sasuke

Is there a specific time that you guys would like to do it? I know some of us are in different time zones, and it will be hard to pick a time but I will be available all day Monday and Tuesday so just let me know when you guys are available. And if anyone can't make it or anyone wants to be added to the list, please inbox me.

GT: Yaris S 4
No one actually showed up. Can we get a serious group or what? I just need the boss man to tell me a day and place and I'll tell you in advance if I can make it. seems like this is a problem. yaris if you want add me as a friend and ill msg you on xbox live whenever I get people. I know about 4 people in real life that are down to boost aslong as you have skype + a mic.
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