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Originally Posted by mr wong tong View Post
Anyone else feel the game dragged on too long? Or maybe just the alien city was really boring. By the time i got there i had to force myself to get through and see the piss easy final boss with the awful ending.

Fun at first but just didn't enjoy it like the previous two.
It was good,however, dragged away from its roots from the first installment. Playing the first installment still makes me jump even though I know something is there and expect it. The Second Dead Space was brilliant also, as it was scary, in my opinion, as it added a bit of narrative, plus the scare factor; Dead Space 3, however, did not do this. They can give Issac a voice, sure, however they messed up on what made the first two titles SO great, the "I am alone aspect in Space."

What Dead Space 3 lacks in story makes up in the bench. However, I may be the only one here, but I preferred the bench separate from the store and only be used to upgrade weapons,rig, and so forth. The game gives you suits(for free) that lack any utility to use other than for seer looks. What the first title did right was when you upgraded your RIG, Suit, you saw the 'evolution' in the upgraded armor with the percentage going up and more things added, such as: the helmet changing and the rings of armor increasing. The second game did not do this,however, gave distinctive abilities as a bonus to wearing the suit - which was amazing.

In all honesty, if they are making a forth title for the Dead Space series, they need to stick to their roots. Trying to impress another genre of gamers is not going to improve profit, as proven with Dead Space 3 sales. I am not an expert at the least, I however, know they can do it! If Co-op is going to be in this next title they need to make me scared while playing co-op and make me stay on my toes while playing Single player.
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