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Originally Posted by FreiZeitGeipel View Post
Yes, I was killed two times by a quad so far, but without actually being overrun by one. In both cases an explosion was involved and it said "Player X [Quad] FreiZeitGeipel". Have a feeling thereīs some sort of glitch that occurs when you plant mines and then ride a quad, and the mines blow up an enemy, it counts as a kill with the quad-bike. I could be wrong though. Havenīt quite figured it out yet. Anyone else experienced something similar?
This has happened in all vehicle for quite awhile - it works with Jets and Helos too, you can plant mines and then fly around in a jet and get points for it! Though, I do feel it takes some of the fun out of it - I haven't even seen the quad yet (just started playing again) but looking forward to making some street pizza with it!

EDIT: So I've been playing the past few nights, got several roadkills with the Quad, the best 2 or 3 though were on the snowy mountain level, I drove the quad from the beach up the mountain to "D", then ran over a guy who was running towards the tower - I THEN drove up the stairs and ran over another guy on the catwalk about 2 floors up, I turned around in the room at the top, waited a minute or two, then drove back down and killed another one! (The game froze a few minutes later on me, so not sure if I lost any of those points or not - I hope not)

I absolutely LOVED the skid-loader achievement - I played that right when it came out and I remember driving around the enemy's base with it and they were all running around crazy trying to avoid me, ended up hitting a few and then got off and killed the rest haha, it was great!

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