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Part 2:

Ok after the cut scene where you see "G Man" Deliver a message to alyx you can now go back and pick up bob from his resting place. And go into the elevator with alyx. Once out of the lift keep ahold of bob and drop down the hole. Go outside and jump over the rocks on the left. Go ahead and place bob somewhere, yu'll remember. I put him right next to the drill station until the take care of all the enemies in the area.

Once you take out both of the big ant lions go back and get bob and head towards the elevator. Once you unstick the elevator make sure you put bob in there with you cause theres no going back. Once at the top go down the big hallway and go out towards the watch tower.

Do not leave Bob up here with Alyx because you cannot get back on the other side to get him once you open the gate for it is time limited and does not stay open long enough for you to get Bob.

(People have claimed if you leave him next to the door, you can grab him when it opens for Alyx to come through. I was unable to do it for I was too slow... This description shows and alternative way.)


What you want to do is pick up Bob with the Gravity Gun and try to launch him onto the bridge. It took me several tries to do so but he should be there once you get the car.

As I promised hes still there safe and sound.

Closer one:

Time for the hard part:

Keeping Bob in the car!

When I started out I placed Bob on the drivers side where Gorden gets in so I can see when he flys out. Take your time don't rush this part. If you go too fast Bob will fly out. And he will almost always fall out on sharp turns. But if he does fall out go retrieve him and place him back inside.

By the time you get to the town with the radio tower Bob has fallen out more times then you can count. Just leave him in the car until after your done killing everything and doing everything you do here. Once your finished you are once again given the agonizing task of keeping Bob in the car -_-

Soon you should come up to an old barn where you find the "adviser." Just Leave Bob in the car. Once the combine are there make sure you take em all out. That includes the hunter and all of the combine in the house across the "street."

If you had put the car by the gate it will be pushed back and Bob will be on the ground around where you had the car. Just put him back in and get the "hell out of dodge."

You will then be attacked by a gunship. You can either keep putting bob back into the car or you can Use the shoot and drive method which you can see in this video:
Thanks to: arsenal0119 for the find.

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