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Part 3:

Ok Once your through the tunnel that Gunship will still be right on your tail just take your time with Bob in the car for there is alot of cover and the gunship can't always hit you.

Once you ram the gate grab Bob and take him with you DON'T LEAVE HIM IN THE CAR! Once your in the train yard where you fight off the gunship and get the opportunity to get the Putting on a Clinic Achievement. If you haven't already got it. Just place bob down in the hole where you came out of and take care of that "pest."

Once hes dead make sure you grab Bob and go into the workshop. While alyx and the resistance soldier talk you can walk over to the mechanic and take his drink and smash it he'll get mad and talk to you. (Just something to do while you wait.)

Warning: Don't Leave Bob in the center of the workshop for he will disappear when they bring in the car leave him in a corner or take him with you. Thanks to: apricot

I took Bob with me into the pit with all the zombies because I wasn't sure if you would be able to get him again once you take out the gun. I left Bob just on the other side of the pip in the field with the gun. Go back and get Bob and run back to your precious Car and put Bob inside.

Be very careful when going through the waste. You don't want to lose Bob here unless you like taking constant damage.

You know how the opportunity to get the Cache Checker Achievement if you haven't already but I'm not going to go over their locations for there is already posts about where they are.

As you go drive carefully making sure that Bob is still with you.
Your almost there I promise.

Ok next is the part where you get ambushed just leave Bob in the car and run into the house and take care of all that. Once your done and you got the shield down Bob should still be there.
Once you knock out the generator and get rid of the force field get back to the car and start heading out once more. Careful not to lose Bob if you go off the ramp. You should soon be where Dog takes at the Giant Strider. Just watch the scene and go YAY! Because your at white forest!

Once the gate is open take your time getting to the white forest gate. It's impossible to beat Dog and keep Bob in the Car so if your trying to get the Pedal to the Metal acheivement just save before racing dog. Race him win and reload to have Bob with you still.

Once you get to the White Forest Gates get out and grab Bob. And walk into the base your 98% there! Once inside you can either run straight to Alyx's dad or you can listen to the Lamba soldiers talk. This one guy is a complete liar and I thought it was halarius.

Get onto the lift and go down into Silo 1. Once at the bottom wait for the professor to move put Bob into the Missle. and Close the door *Ding* Achievement Unlocked!

Guide Written by: Me
Help from: apricot, arsenal0119

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