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Originally Posted by Fire Hawk D View Post
I see the words "fix" and "missing", as if it was a glitch or something. Is there any proof this wasn't intentional?
I once heard that it was intentional because there was to be more content but they messed up and had 50 cheevos instead of 47 or something. At the time 50 achievements was the ceiling so you couldn't add more gamerscore even if there was DLC. Not sure if that was true though because achievements or not, they never released any add-ons for the game.

All they would have to do is add a free achivement for 30G for playing the game after a certain date. It won't happen due to M$'s expensive certification process and the fact that it's now almost an 8 year old game. Would be nice though, it might be easier to convince Sega to re-release it at retail as a "360 Classic" or something complete with a shiny new achievement.

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