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Entropy_Cascade_Failure_Map:Entropy_Cascade_Failure_Map_TU8_Framed:Entropy_Cascade_Failure_Map_TU9_Framed:ECF_SpawnAndTU9Stronghold (spawn top center left (tu8 Stronghold), TU9 Stronghold right side):
Seed: Entropy Cascade Failure
Seed: -731554289

The map is similar for both TU8 generated and TU9 generated with minor variations being Stronghold location and if the villages are full villages or just wells. I've included in game screenshots of framed maps from a version of the world fully explored on TU8 and one fully explored on TU9..

Spawn right near an entrance to a near surface exposed (moved slightly with TU9 and buried) Stronghold with an End frame. Easy access to plenty of nearby resources can use either nearby cave or stronghold.
No Mushroom Biome
Discovered: TU8
Last checked: TU9
Coordinates updated. Everything without a TU tag is the same for both TU8/9.
Everything with a TU8 tag is specific to TU8 generated versions of the world
Everything with a TU9 tag is specific to or only checked on TU9. This means they may or may not exist in TU8 generated copies.

Spawn Point (approx as it does move a few blocks): -85,65,197
Safer cave than immediately using Stronghold can be found at: -53,64,198

Nearest Pumpkins: -50,65,-39

(TU8)Going Down to the Stronghold cave opening: -80,65,189
(TU8)Stronghold: -92,46,197
(TU8)End Portal (standing right on Silverfish Spawner): -51,42,173
(TU8)Chest in Stronghold: -76,46,222
(TU8)Chest in Stronghold: -108,44,213
(TU8)Chest in Stronghold: -111,37,230

(TU9)Stronghold Surface Point (dig straight down to get to next): -156,72,106
(TU9)End Portal (standing right on Silverfish Spawner): -156,38,106
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -118,41,111
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -122,46,120
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -172,26,165
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -205,36,125
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -217,36,158
(TU9)Chest in Stronghold: -221,31,149

(TU8)Diamonds (6): -169,14,135
Diamonds (5): 32,14,-9
Diamonds (6): 57,14,-23
Diamonds (3): 81,16,65
Diamonds (4): 81,16,72
(TU9)Diamonds (4): 53,14,-211
(TU9)Diamonds (6): -29,15,371
(TU9)Diamonds (2): 35,15,395
(TU9)Diamonds (2): 32,4,-2 :
Located by LuisJoel16
(TU9)Diamonds (4): 48,3,13 : Located by LuisJoel16
(TU9)Diamonds (3): -220,16,-252
(TU9)Diamonds (4): -244,14,-134

Most of the villages show only a well on TU9
Nearest Village (village both TU8 + TU9): -133,77,82
Village or well: 371,75,342
Village or well: 348,69,118
Village or well: 312,69,-250
Village or well (w/Blacksmith TU8, well TU9): 7,75,-234
Village or well: -171,71,-252

(TU8)Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: 60,24,-231

Near Spawn Surface access:
(TU9)Zombie Spawner, 1 chest: -87,57,172 : Saddle, Bucket, 3 Iron Ingots, String, Wheat, Gunpowder, 3 Redstone

(TU9)Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: 62,73,373 : Cocoa Beans, Music Disc - "cat", 2 Gunpowder, 3 Redstone, 4 Saddles, 5 Wheat, 6 Iron Ingots
(TU9)Zombie Spawner, 1 chest: -39,64,339 : Cocoa Beans, Bread, 2 buckets, 3 Iron Ingots

(TU9)Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: -162,13,-219 : Cocoa Beans, 3 Saddles, 4 Redstone, 5 Wheat, 10 Gunpowder

(TU9) Cave Spider Spawner: -76,24,410
(TU9) Cave Spider Spawner: -8,18,380

(TU9)Chest in Mines: -29,23,395 : 4 Melon seeds, 4 Pumpkin seeds, 8 Lapis Lazuli, 3 Iron Ingots

There were no Nether Wart gardens. Found a few patches of it on Soul sand, reliable even after a nether reset. Very few. There is a very limited amount of Soul Sand and very few Nether Wart in annoying locations.

(TU9)Blaze Spawner: 104,64,18
(TU9)Blaze Spawner: 119,64,47

(TU9)Nether Wart: 85,37,-105
(TU9)Nether Wart: 88,62,-105
(TU9)Nether Wart: 91,67,-86
(TU9)Nether Wart: 108,66,106
(TU9)Nether Wart: 127,66,135

s the map show; the seed seems to have a nice variety of the Biomes except mushroom being a bit weak on the desert biome only having a small beachlike one on the very southern part with cacti. overall it generates some very nicely varied terrain. The mountains with that desert biome on the southern side looks great.

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