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Originally Posted by Gackt View Post
People expect too much out of every game they play. I know it has it's issues but that score was just ridiculous. It seems like it was rated low just because it wasn't the reviewers preferred type of game. That would be like me rating bioshock infinite a 55 out of 100 just because I dislike Bioshock. But I'd still rate it higher and make it a point to point out the good things about it. Army of Two TDC while it was to short, and had minor issues it was still overall a really fun, mindless co op shooter. I just don't agree with the review.

It had split screen co op. It's only pay to play if you don't buy the game. And that's not their fault you're a cheap bastard. They wanted to make a fun co op shooter, they made a fun co op shooter. Games don't need half the crap people rate them on to be good. It didn't need some epic story, or top notch voice overs, all it had to do is be fun and it was.
Your complaints are just gamer entitlement bullshit. "THE OTHER GAMES HAD MORE THIS ONE SHOULD HAVE MORE TOO"

Cheap? Try smart consumer. This game isn't worth $40 new. No multiplayer at all. Kid one day when you will grow up you will realize that you need to budget your money, well that is if you ever get off your moms tit.

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