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just popped this game in after a long while to try this one again. Luckily participated in all the big xp events before Gears 3 so I had this one and Seriously 2.0 left. No one plays this anymore so it's all bots and they're difficult to put it nicely. I ended up getting it over the span of 4hrs or so. Don't charge for the meatflag right away, hang back and wait till everyone kills each other. If anything be the 2nd or 3rd on your team there. If their team gets it, hang back and follow teammates in. If your teammates get it, let the enemy charge you and hang back. They won't shoot you unless you engage so wait for them to kill your teammate that has the flag, pop in and shotgun everyone to pick up the meatflag yourself. Once you get it, let teammates spawn and kill everyone while you walk slowly to the ring. Always wait for them to cover you cuz if the bots get to you, you're done.
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