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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
My only complaint is that they didn't give it a perfect score.

I am perfectly content with everything they've done to the game.

Do you really think Halo was a 10/10? I think they made some clear errors, but otherwise did a solid job. I tend to see a 9-9.5 on this one...with the .5 going in for the innovation that is Spartan Ops.

My top bitches;

1) Soundtrack is VERY sub-par for HALO, I miss the theme...wish they had come up with something new or better, or just kept it. They had some moments, but nothing like the brilliance of core series from Martin O'Donnell. No Halo 4 going on my Ipod...

2) Aim Assist. I remember Bungie talking about dialing this in over the course of their games and they said "if done right, the gamer will never know it exists." There have been times where I litterally start tracking a baddie without a hand on the stick for 1/2 second or so. I've gotten headshots in MP from WAY too far away, far too often, without even trying...and I am NOT some Halo God (my bodys can be found all over the Halo Maps). I want to hit or miss on my HALO 4 lacked in that regards.

3) Campaign. Short, and story was just too weak. I wanted to experience Requiem, but most of the campaign is either in some bland tower or not on the planet. I got more enjoyment from the Terminal videos and Spartan Ops than the campaign...yes only 50% of the audience truly cares about campaign...but FFS, they really fell short of making the campaign what it could be. Each of the previous HALOs connected with a portion of the universe (Halo Ring, Covenant, Saving Earth/all life).

4) Poor Character Development. I wanted to kill the Infinity Captain, but they nerfed his removal, that could have been fun to see him get it...and I found Cortana to be annoying and more just eye candy than actually someone I cared about. I felt no connection to this game, and never really felt like I saved anything...just got a free ride home and kicked the cab drivers ass in the end. Or so we think....
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