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Originally Posted by Beastmaster View Post
Don't buy this scam of game, it has a glitch which causes you to not be able to play the updated game. It'll restart your game in gold mode and you won't be able to play online with other players.

Currently the only way to play the updated version of the game is using a work around which doesn't work. Don't waste your money on this or any other Monolith products ever.

Also the glitch and inability to play has been going on for 2+ months, they aren't going to fix the problem, and instead are focused on milking DLC guardians.

Save your money for another game, any other game, and remember never buy another Monolith product again.
Do buy this game.

Don't listen to people that can't be bothered working around the problems.

Yes, there has been many, many problems, and the current one is a pain, but there are multiple workarounds to the current one, and by the sounds of it, OP has only tried one of them.

This is an amazing game when it does work, the pvp and satisfaction of winning is greater than any of your CoDs and Halos, because you build up your Guardian how you want to play him and then are rewarded when it all goes well by the satisfaction of the fact that it is you that made the character build that way.


If you do buy it at the current state it is in, to completely avoid the DLC problems at first, don't get any DLC until it is fixed.

If you do buy it and you would also like to buy DLC - which, by the way, is worth it, the DLC characters are pretty fun - the best workaround I have found is this: (this is also what I use)

Install this game onto a memory stick, along with all compatibility packs and DLC guardians.

When you load up the game, select HARD DRIVE for your initial storage device, skip the tutorials, adjust the screen, then go to settings>select storage device

This reloads the game

Now select MEMORY STICK at the storage device option and the game will work, you have my honest word on that.


This gets around the DLC problem without requiring to remove dlc characters and reinstalling them every time you play, and I use it every time and it has worked 100% of the time for me.
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