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Gamertag: zhoban
Achievements that I need help with
Co-Op Realistic Difficulty - Yastreb Complex, Mozook Grounds
Last Stand Completionist/ Last Stand Master - All maps
Last Man Standing
All co-op missions on Realistic/ Team Congratz
King of the Crypt, Watch the Soap, Thinking Inside the Box

Gamertag - zhoban
I can use a mic if needed.
My hours are a bit random so just add me and I'm sure we can work something out when we are both on.
GT - zhoban. If you add me, send a message stating why otherwise I will just ignore it.

"I was weak, that's why I needed you. I needed someone to punish me for my sins. But that's all over now, I know the truth. Now it's time to end this." - James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2)

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