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Originally Posted by Beastmaster View Post
LoL, do you not see you just helped my case, you said in order to play the game you need to use workarounds. What game do you pay 30 dollars for and need to use a work around to play it correctly. Also the work around idea would be fine, if it was a week or two of a broken game, this is going on 3 months now. It's obvious they aren't going to fix the problem, I doubt they are capable of fixing the problem. Any good developers they have are working on whatever their next project is.

This development team is a joke, instead of fixing problems they want to push out more DLC, instead of having good customer service and making customers happy, they just ban anyone from their website who dares to post even the slightest bit of negative.

Don't buy this game if you enjoy starting up a game and having it work 100% of the time, don't buy this game if you think developers should care about their consumer base, atleast enough to fix a problem that has been present almost three months now, has seen patches come and go with no fix to the glitch.

Buy this game if you enjoy getting constant disconnections due to dash boarder with no host migration to be seen, buy this game if you enjoy random disconnects just because, buy this game if you enjoy lag, buy this game if you enjoy unbalanced paid DLC characters, buy this game if you have 30 dollars that you want to waste. I guess you should buy this game if you were planning on setting 30 dollars on fire... I suppose it's better than that.

The game would be fun, if it wasn't for this horrible development team running it, so IMO save your 30 dollars and buy something else that is actually working. You can tell the product is a totally dud if MS is willing to give you a refund for buying it...
30 dollars? Why did you buy the season pass then if you hated it that much...
The game DOES WORK.
Protip - uninstall all your dlc if you don't think they're any good and just play without them...
Protip 2 - all guardians are easily counter-able by all guardians, it just takes that extra bit of knowledge and skill

They aren't a horible team, they are just not a big company that can get things done fast

Every game has their dashboarders and early quitters, it's a part of life now on xbox live

Originally Posted by cutterk73 View Post
then why buy it at all until it is fixed?
Because it is still playable, just because you have to do a workaround that takes all of 30 seconds doesn't make it unplayable, the game has come a long way from the state it was in at release.

You also don't need to download the DLC, sure you get cool new characters, but it is not needed to play the game, and that completely stops you from getting the problem at all.

And like I said, if you do download the dlc it takes all of 30 seconds to work around the corruption problem.
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