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"30 dollars? Why did you buy the season pass then if you hated it that much...
The game DOES WORK."

I bought the game and the season pass when the game actually worked, before they broke it beyond repair, then sat on their hands for 3 months not fixing it. I'm not even complaining about the lack of host migration, the lag, or the almost constant disconnections you'll face over and over again. The broken DLC characters, like Snaga, Bilbo and Frodo being completely unbalanced and running wild like maniacs.

"Protip - uninstall all your dlc if you don't think they're any good and just play without them...
Protip 2 - all guardians are easily counter-able by all guardians, it just takes that extra bit of knowledge and skill"

I tried all their fixes, I was on the phone with techs from Microsoft who had me walk through all the steps, 3 times, and I did it numerous times on my own. None of them got my game with my season pass working. Thankfully MS gave me a refund and let me put this garbage game to rest.

why should I have to uninstall all the DLC I Paid for to play a game I paid for. No other game on Xbox forces me to delete all my DLC just to play the game. Do you not realize people don't want to use a work around to play. Why can't I just hit ok, download the patches and play. Why do I need to delete this, delete that, do this, do that just to play the game. Maybe if the Development crew from monolith wasn't a group of first year college students this issue wouldn't' exist. Like I already said, this wouldn't' be an issue if it was a very minor thing that they fixed in a week or two, this is going on three months.

It's pretty obvious the issue came from the 3rd compatibility pack, why didn't they pull back that pack, revert the game back to the second patches state, figure out what the issue was, then re-release it when it was fixed. Why? Because they were hocking survival mode and a DLC character which they didn't want to pull back.

"They aren't a horible team, they are just not a big company that can get things done fast"

Laughable, they are bankrolled by WB, I'm curious if WB even realizes this team is ruining their name by botching every single product they bring to market. Gotham City Imposters was their other release, which they have long since abandoned after not fixing any of the issues people had. I foresee a similar fate for this game.

"Every game has their dashboarders and early quitters, it's a part of life now on xbox live"

LOL, but every other game has some form of host migration, this game has none, if the host, leaves or dashboards everyone in the game gets booted out. That's call sloppy programming, host migration is essential in a game like this one.

You act like you work for monolith or something, if you do, you think you could ask them if the Attack speed glitch or the gold mode glitch are fixed yet? No wait, no need to ask them, it's only been three months and finally now they are testing something they think, maybe, might, fix the problem. It just requires more testing.

Apparently the test monkeys they use to playtest their patches had a vet appointment the past two months and was unable to help them out.

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