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Originally Posted by SATYATEX View Post
Hey guys I'd like to help my XBL friend to get the team slayer/team survivor cheevos for him, need 1 person as I can jump in with 2 boxes/accounts putting them onto the losing side so u can work towards yr wins in a team with my friend. We plan to do this weekday evenings around 7--11pm GMT, maybe on the next weekend as well, drop me a msg on XBL if u want to do this thx.
P.s.: it would be a bit urgent bcs I have a buyer for the 2nd copy and I'd like to trade it asap

Edit:I got a guy yesterday shortly after my post so the free slot is filled at the moment
if the spot needs filling, i'm online for the majority of the day, every day
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Sal, I love you.
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