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NPC's using horse/mount combat: more variety in spells (I realize most spells got turned into shouts but still I really missed Dispel,Water Walking,Detect life, Absorb Health Magicka Stamina, and Burden: While I liked the spell tome way they choose for Skyrim It removed creating your own spells which I greatly missed, like an elemental fury or Detect life plus Night Eye.

The original Stat version Strength Willpower Luck etc. to return I liked what Skyrim did but I enjoy the Oblivion/Morrowind's one more. Companions having depth like Fallout: New Vegas, where as they have their own personality, backgrounds, fighting styles, and loyalty/unlockable side quests.

I really loved critical kill scenes, a hell of a lot more of those would be great. Keep up with Skyrim's amount of Weapon/Armor Variety I never felt like there needed to be more as I did with Oblivion. IMO Skyrim was the best Elder Scrolls yet (I Started with Morrowind) but there is always room for improvement thankfully Bethesda knows this & always does amazing work, I'm a little sad for no more Skyrim DLC but am looking forward to TES:6.

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