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Looking for a partner (s) to go through all the co-op achievements.

Updated 17/4/13 @ 18:30 : I am online now and looking for anyone to go through them all.

(Or if you can't atm, I am happy to work out a suitable time for us over the next few days.)

Send me a message on xbox live and I will get back to you.

Max GS Retail/GFWL: Halo 4, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 1+2, Far Cry 3, Dark Souls x2, Deus Ex: Human Rev, Medal of Honor, Halo 2
Max GS Arcade/WP7/W8: Terraria, Bastion, Minecraft, PvZ, Sonic the Hedgehog 1+2+3+Knuckles, The Walking Dead, Torchlight, Zeit2, Zombie Apocalypse, Geo Defense, MS Mahjong, MS Minesweeper, MS Solitaire

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