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Originally Posted by wo ai ni xx View Post
Monolith themselves have said they are working on it.
All strikers are "unbalanced" in the sense they can 3 hit an unskilled person, I mainly go strikers, and I don't cry when i get killed by a striker, it's what they do, but they are incredibly easy to kill due to their low health, l2p issue.

Did you try the method I mentioned?

As above, the method I use doesn't require any deleting.

It was, and I don't think you are aware of how difficult it would be to 'revert' a game to a certain state, that requires them deleting specific things from a person's console...that's impossible.

I'm pretty sure they are far from a big budget game, sure they are backed by WB, but I highly doubt they have given them millions to make it, it is just an arcade game after all.

Remember back to CoD 4? I got used to it then, it doesn't really bother me tbh, I'm a patient person.
And I'm no programmer, but I don't think it would be that easy to overcome...

I don't, I'd love to be working for them though if I'm honest, I love this game, and they haven't - to paraphrase you - just started testing something, they have been working on it and have come up with what they think will be the solution

Paragraphs are our friends.
They have been working on it for the last 3 months, like they have been working on the net coding issue for the last 5 months. Yet nothing gets fixed, nothing gets better.

I used every available method, the only way to get the game to properly work was not having the season pass I paid for downloaded. That only worked until I shut off the game, and then it was back to gold mode again.

Disable the content causing the issue, namely survivor mode and compatibility patch three, but that would mean not having that content to sell, so they can't do that.

At this point, I'm thinking Monolith is set up in the basement of someone's house and has 3 people working there. The crappy developer who can't code, Monolith Andy, and the website administrator.

As for how much money they made off the game, I'm sure it would have been much higher if the game was actually in a working state. When you have a totally broken game, no host migration on an P2P game that becomes a major issue. The game launched with major red flags and issues, a lot of people didn't give it a chance because of those issues. I did and was happy until that third patch rolled out, I call that patch, the day guardians of middle earth died.

You can be happy playing this game and using work arounds, I am happy I got a full refund for the game and the season pass. I'm also happy I know anytime I see the name Monolith attached to a product I won't look twice at it. If they ever fix the issues and cut the price to like 200 points maybe I'll check it out again.

As it stands now, I wouldn't recommend this game, I wouldn't even touch this game with a 10 foot pole. I would hope that my message saves a few people from buying this broken buggy, glitchy, programmed by trained chimps game. I am still shocked this game even pass certification, it's probably the reason MS is tossing out refunds for this turd. Normally purchases are final, to actually get a refund fairly quickly must mean MS knows full well this product is garbage.
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