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Originally Posted by Nitnoid View Post
Yes, BUT, I keep taking arrows to the knee dagnabbit!
I think you've been waiting to say that and had it planned from the beginning lol.


First of all, more voice actors. It was terrible in Oblivion but better in Skyrim. In a future game, I would like to see each character with their own voice. Or at least have the voice actors change their voice for different characters.

I would like to see more customize options especially for clothes and armor. Like in Fable you could change the color of certain clothes with paint I believe.

Make clothes/armor out of animal hide.

Bigger monsters. When playing Dragonborn I kept looking out to the water thinking, how cool would it be if a giant squid came out. I also wouldn't mind seeing massive snakes, since we have massive spiders.

Less snow. I don't know if it's common in every ES game but I seen enough snow where I live.

Better paths to get to places. You see that black icon on your display for a new cave but you have a massive mountain in the way and you are hopping all over to find it's path. I think flatter land would be better than so many mountains. Equals a better travel experience.

More bow and arrow customize options. I'm a sucker for being an archer and would like see more put to that.

Better combat system in the game. Possibly sword strikes each other when fighting, etc.

As someone else said as well, throwing weapons. Sometimes when sneaking up behind enemies I get the urge to just throw a knife in the back of their head.

Make money more useful. Possibly have shop owners have weapons that are rare and worth a good amount of money to put your money towards, etc.

This is all I have for now, if I have more I will add it.

Edit: Thought of another I wouldn't mind seeing. The menu is wonderful the way it separates your items, but I wish where you store your stuff was like that too instead of one long list. I know what some of you are thinking "separate your items separately in different chests". I shouldn't have to do that even tho I do to an extent, but even with the mass amount of let's say ingredients/potions/crafting items still takes time to go through. I have so much armor/weapons I have three different storage places because the list gets so long. So, it be great if the menu feature was like that when browsing your stored items.
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