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Originally Posted by Kairi View Post
Sorry for double posting, but these is more news on Chrono Phantasma that was just released today! Two more characters have been announced: Yuuki Terumi (I'm assuming this is a different form of Hazama), and a new character named Kagura Mutsuki. The Japanese PS3 release will be on October 24; and there is nothing saying anything about the game coming to Xbox 360 or outside of Japan yet.

I saw the news announment of Blablue: Chrono Phantasma on Facebook. Yuuki Terumi will be avaliable on a pre-order bonus DLC. They didn't confirmed how Kagura Mutsuki will be available. They both still be playable characters only on home console.

On the story front Celica, Blazblue Phase 0, a manga novels will also making an appearance in this game. I never read it before so I will get chance to read it.

They also redesign Network Mode with more to focus player interaction. Arc System Works are planning to create a world map with different Blazblue themed lobbies so you can enter with your avatar. You can chat with others or sit down with another player to play against them.

That all the news. Thanks for posting the update info and release dates. I really wish they confrim to on xbox 360.
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