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Originally Posted by Hoborg View Post
I'd say no. The game is utterly forgettable. I suppose it's nice if you're into stealth games but that's all it has to offer. The graphics are kind of bland; characters are underdeveloped and lack emotional connections to the player. The story is rendered pointless by the terrible ending.

I could go on but you're better off playing the new Bioshock Infinite unless all you care about is a quick stealth fix.

Bioshock plays better minus the stealth.

I can not disagree with this more: The game and it's setting are very memorable (and left me wanting to see more of the world in which it is set), the graphics suit the story/setting, the characters are well fleshed out (Though if you're not a creepy stalker who reads every note/book in game and listens to characters coversations through key holes for ages, a lot of the characters can be hidden behind their motives and just a target that needs to be killed, which is an awesome way to do it)

Without more context about what is terrible about the ending (also there's more than one ending), I can't really defend it, besides to say that it's the ending that the character deserves!

Over all I would say that Dishonored is one of my favourite games.
So is Bioshock, but I'm not sure what Bioshock has to do with Dishonored...

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