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I applaud your efforts,

I too have decided to take the journey, I use to own this game quite a few years ago but got rid of it due to the pain it caused me, as I quite rightly sucked ass at it. My current win ratio is around 30% told you I sucked ass, but I just love a bit of Street Fighter just wish I was good at it.

(well to be fair its not that I'm awful I just tend to be very unlucky and get beat by terrible players whilst also getting beat against the good players)

Anyways I recently repurchased this game when it was on GoD deal and got it super cheap, all my previous data had disappeared just a had no option but to start from scratch.

My current roster of C fighters are Ryu, Ken, E.Honda, Ibuki, Blanka, Cammy, Sagat, Bison. I'm slowly working my way through Sakura, Balrog Gouken and Chun Li, I've started to really like playing with Balrog I think its because I've been beated by him a lot and could never get the swing of him but through patience I've started like the simplicity of his fighting skills.

I totally understand what your going through, and also feel that if a achievements not earned legit what's the point of earning the achievement, its called and achievement for a reason.
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