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Originally Posted by GalaxyRed13 View Post
I hope the next part will be later today, because Part 16 ending right there right before going into the projector is weird. lol

EDIT: Considering where you stopped the video, I went on through the projector using a video I found on Youtube where the film reel is, so I'm in the lab waiting now. But I'm unsure if you're staying there, or just grabbing the chest by the projector and returning back to the bridge, to cross it and get to the other projector (so there's no point in coming back to the area later).
Can you actually go back to Disney Gulch then? On my game, when I first enter the Mad Doctor's lab for the boss fight, both projectors shut off, so I don't think you can just head back through the projector again straight away? At least you got the film reel, I chose the wrong path if I remember correctly, so I had to return to get it anyway!
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