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Originally Posted by Felonious Monk View Post
I'll be boosting some Gears ranked tonight. Since it's free LIVE weekend, I have multiple boxes I can dedicate to the task.

Box 1 designated GT: HopeStillFlies
Box 2 designated GT: LuckiestColt231
Box 3 designated GT: TBD

I will not be on until 8PM Central, will only be up until 12AM Central, for Sunday I will be on from 6:30PM to 12AM. I will be combining and separating these machines as necessary.

If I can get Fracture done sooner, I'll run empty Gears boxes all day the rest of today and tomorrow while at work, in the meantime they're appropriated for this use.
i'll be online probably right about 8pm your time. my gt is "bean is not pro". i also have a bajillion people who wanna boost if you need a party of 6 to get the games going.
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