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Achievements screwed up.

So when Generations first came out. I managed to get 48/49 achievements netting 970 points. The only one I had left was to kill the last boss without taking damage. Any way... I loaded up my game one day and was racing through Green Hill Zone Act 1. Got to the finish and suddenly got "Greased Lightning" and "Ring King" achievements.

Naturally I thought I was signed into another profile, so I checked and wasn't. So I decided to head to my achievements. Scrolling through the list I saw Sonic Generations. It said 48 of 49 Achievements. 970G.

So I clicked on it and low and behold my achievements are all gone. Apart from the two I earned. Luckily the 970 gamer score is still added to my current gamer score. But why have my achievements reset? I know it's not a big deal. But it's nice to browse the achievements I have and see them.

The funny thing is, it's still like it now. It says I have 48/49 if I scroll through my games list. But when looking at the games achievements. None are there.

If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated.

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