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Thank you BlackEyedAngel. I think boosting should be done only if you really want the achievement and that it's really out of your reach to get or it's just a really awkward one to get. For this achievement it's get 17 to 20 wins with each character online essentially, which I think is within reach of most people....boosting this achievement would be downright boring.

Wow, you got Bison, E.Honda and Blanka to a C. E.Honda wasn't too bad for me to get to a C as I used a lot of command grab, pokes and Ultra 2 in my play-style with only a few headbutts here and there. Blanka I have used like once or twice online and I remember being destroyed very easily but I would like to get back to him.

I have started to use Bison and I really like him, I actually do employ his "charge moves" in the game like his scissor kicks and psycho crusher, but I rarely use his head-stomp attack. I also love that dashing sweep he does, VEGA does the same and a few other characters to, it's funny when using it against C, C+, B ranks players they got knocked down by it and you can repeat 2 or 3 times before they actually start blocking it, if they block it, you can just normal grab them afterwards, it's a cheap way to get essentially free achievement but doesn't work on everyone and you can be punished heavily for it by the combo-crazy player.

My only problem with Bison might actually have to do with my version of the game on PC. I can EASILY do Bison's Ultra 2 in trials but when I go online, his ultra 2 just doesn't come out despite me using the exact inputs, a lot of characters use the same inputs for their ultras and they come out fine but as far as I know, Bison's Ultra 2 is the only one doesn't come out online. I bought the game during a steam sale last year, so it's a digital download. Hence, I use his Ultra 1 and I've only landed it twice because most people block it for me as I use it when there's some distance between me and the opponent. I've lost a few games when I couldn't pull it off and when I had the life lead, which adds to insult.

Yeah, Balrog is fun to use, his charge attacks are great, unfortunately for me, his don't come out often when I do them. I use his Ultra 2 because it's easier for me to pull off but it doesn't do much damage but does a lot of stun but it's sort of pointless depending on how you play as him. If you hold down All Punch or All Kick, you charge this move called "Turn Punch" and it's a really good move because it can do a lot of damage if you charge it long enough.

I recently googled this achievement and I saw a lot of threads in various thread about people questioning whether to get the achievement legit or boost it. There were a lot of people saying you should boost it because the achievement is not worth it.

I beg to differ on that, I use to hate the game but I genuinely love this game now and probably one of my favourite fighting games on the current generation. Also, this achievement helps me to learn all the characters with the added incentive of the 50G at the end of the road as well as allowing me to play better against friends when we select "random" at the character select.

I'm currently only going for the PC version at the moment but I will be going for the 360 version in the summer.

Also, I wanted to update, I brought my C-rank roster to 24 now with El Fuerete, Dhalsim, Makoto, Rufus and Gen. I'm currently working on Bison, Balrog, Guy and Akuma.

Also, I got T-Hawk to B-rank, I'm top 100 in Europe with him on the PC version, I wonder how far I can get with him on the 360 version.

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