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I can think of one or two to add that happened to me today actually...

1) While fighting a group of thugs in an alleyway, I did that move where you roll over the opponents back to confuse them, then pressed A which somehow caused my character to spring roughly 5 feet in the air. Luckily I was unharmed though I do want to try and trigger this glitch again sometime just to play around with it. Really reminds me of that awesome steel box glitch in Soleanna New City from Sonic 06 where Sonic can ride a box like a magic carpet just by merely kicking it.

2) This happened to me earlier, I was just driving casually around central (near the K-bar), I drove a little recklessly while trying to get to my destination and dodge traffic, I drove directly into a lampost which somehow wedged in between my car, the pavement and the car behind me and then flung me 7 feet in the air like a catapult.
Amazingly the car was barely scratched (though two upper class women were crushed to death for trying to cushion my fall.)

3) After completing the final case where --spoilers-- you have to rescue the 4 prostitutes from the gang hideout, as soon as the mission was over, the girls thanked me for saving them and went on their way, only one of the girls (the red head with the fishnet stockings and boots) was startled by the previous gunfire and stuck in a glitch where she was trying to walk away like the others but could not keep her eyes off of me.
So she was basically walking backwards with her body completely twisting around everytime she tries to walk in another direction, and she would not go more than several meters away from me.
Basically it was like her legs were trying to walk away but her body just wanted to follow me around.
She eventually vanished off camera though when I became more interested in pushing two seemingly 'innocent' guys in the water for dealing drugs out in the open.
I thought it would be fun but they died instantly! Oh well. Easy come, easy go.
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