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Originally Posted by GalaxyRed13 View Post
I didn't look at the time to see if the projector was still on or not, since I turned the game off after the auto-saved finished. But I turned it on just now and noticed it was off. But at least I went the right way. lol

EDIT: By the way, I'm not sure if you know this, but I've seen someone else's videos of the game, and they were able to get two collectible pins in Dark Beauty Castle, instead of just the Charge It Pin. It required you to thin out the last machine that you need to charge in the room before it for the pin to show up (which is the Beauty Only Thin-Deep Pin). You don't have to worry about missing the Charge It Pin doing that, since you can reach it outside, by double jumping up to it before gliding across that one spot with Oswald. The only thing you'll miss is those three chests going to the top of that room that usually just has tickets in them (which isn't all that important really). I know Beauty Only Thin-Deep can just be gotten from the Pin Trader later, but this way, you don't have to keep buying bags until you get it later.
Ha, no I didn't know that! This game never fails to surprise me at how strange it can be sometimes. It's like "Eh, whatever you choose, we'll give you both pins for it". I only use Thinner after the game is complete to get the remaining pins, but if you can get both of these pins in Dark Beauty Castle at the same time, go for it!
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