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Originally Posted by KirbyTheAlmighty View Post
Even though this got necro'd, I'd like to hop in and say.

Thank you, Nintendo for letting a franchise that would have ended continue by choosing to back this game as a publisher.

Going of your Avatar/Gt, you might be a bit biased though xD

Don't worry, that's no offense

I feel the same...

This exclusive deal actualy restored a little bit of my faith in Nintendo.
I had all their consoles up to the GC and still think the GC is the best last gen console quality wise (sharing the place with the Xbox1 with it's mature software lineup)
I realy hope (but doubt) they can get at least close to their old days.


Thanks Nintendo, for giving me the possibility to play Bayo2.

Even if you don't want to buy a WiiU, what's the problem with borrowing one from a friend or play it with a friend who has one?
Even a rental store could rent you a WiiU + Game just to play Bayo2, probably for less than it would cost to buy the game.

Sure it would be cool and much more comfortable/customer friendly if it were Multi-Platform, and it would probably look a lot better on PS4/720 too.

But it's not like that's a reason to start hating on Nintendo/P+
They didn't make the game unavailable to PS4/720 only users at all, actualy they did quite the opposite.

Calm down everybody...

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