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Originally Posted by GalaxyRed13 View Post
I had something that I should probably say, since this part also had a similar thing in it. Two parts before this one, you had a part of the video acting really weird. I'm not sure if that was your encode, or if it was something that happened with the game while you were recording, and you just didn't fix it (or you just decided to do it to be funny). The parts don't mess with anything in the actual guide itself, but they seem to be "WTF moments".

The first time it happened was when you take the balloon ride from Mean Street South to North, talking to the Gremlin, and he says "How about a ride?", then during the "loading screen", his voice repeats the line a couple of times, ending with him doing it in slow motion. Not sure if you did that on purpose or not.

The second time, during an underground area, where you're trying to push that generator (and you couldn't finish it in that video), right before you put the text up to explain that, you had the video going in super slow motion.

The third time, this last part, ended with you talking to Ortensia to get the quest updated, then left the house. Then before you ended the video, you showed yourself go back in and talk to her, and put the video in slow motion again (voice and all) while she spoke.

Anyway, regardless, I'm going to wait until you have the next boss defeated in your videos before I continue to follow them again. Having to wait a day for a new part each time and start following that part makes things go really slow.
They're little bonuses that I usually forget to delete whilst horsing around in Sony Vegas. And that's cool if you wanna wait, though you may be waiting a while, back on night shifts at work this week!

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