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This achievement really pissed me off to where I felt like punching a baby in the face. The final boss battle I swear had to be the worst Sonic gaming experience I've endured since the disastrous Gameboy Advance remake of the 1991 original game.

Never has a boss been nearly impossible to beat, even after getting every other achievement. The controls in this regard were absolutely horrendous as when I tried to do one thing, it did a whole other thing. The rings were nearly impossible to see, and I kept getting stuck on the 'sides' of the dimension tunnel. I kept running out of rings due to the combination of avoiding attacks, and going through ringless voids. And trying to hit the mofo was seaming out of sheer luck.

Even when I've avoided the boulders, debris and arm attacks, I found myself running out of rings and then finally encountering those 'mini-suns' all of which kept me from beating him many times.

Out of dozens of attempts at beating this boss, I managed to beat it four times...OUT OF DOZENS OF TRIES! None of them did "Can't Touch This" ever pop. None!

I've never dealt with a video game boss that was wrapped in a combination of degraded SOS-cleaning pad debris and maggot-strewn dog shit.

It's truly heartbreaking writing this because apart from this horrific boss, "Sonic Generations" has to be perhaps my favorite game from this franchise in 15 years, easily surpassing "Sonic 3D Blast" and ranking right up there with the original Sonic games from the original through "Spinball" and even "Sonic and Knuckles".

It just seemed to have been the much-needed shot in the arm for the franchise and "Sonic Generations" absolutely restored my faith in the franchise.

Yet I'm so angry that this otherwise fantastic game had to have it's memory stained by the final boss battle. Everything about the final boss was complete BS.

It's truly a shame as it ruined an otherwise stunning and magnificent game that I otherwise highly recommend to longtime Sonic fans. Shame on you Sega for ruining this otherwise fantastic game.

As of this writing, I have gotten all of the other achievements and thus "Sonic Generations" joins "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare", "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2", "Medal of Honor (2010)" and even "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" in the '49er Club'. That is the list of games where that one last achievement is absolutely impossible to unlock no matter what you do. I have 48/49 with Sonic Generations, 36/37 with COD4, and 49/50 with MW2, and both MOHs.
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