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Having completed the game twice (once on the 360 and once on GFWL) I'm now on my third run through and I'm not sure what problem people really have with this, best way to rack up points is in the early rounds so you can just beat the timer in the final round. As always variety helps so start the fight off with a batarang and then the bat claw then work gadgets in as you see fit. For the first two rounds try to avoid using takedowns unless you are about to get hit as when you are going through the takedown animation you can't get hit, just try and build up a combo and get points through hitting enemies and hopping around the arena. It's not that hard once you get the idea, the toughest bit is the final round and trying to beat it within the time limit, for this just go takedown crazy and don't worry if you lose your combo because you're escaping away from the shock floor.

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