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Wham! 15
Hit an Armored Inkling while Mega Damage is active.

You can get this in Chapter 9. The Armored Inkling is a boss that has a very damaging close attack. For this achievement make sure to get the Mega Damage relic (yellow orb) and while it's active just hit the Armored Inkling.

Multitasker 15
Hit an enemy while zapping a different enemy with Lightning.

Lightning will be available in Chapter 7. While you are in the middle of two enemies, zap the one in front of you and punch the one behind you.

Fast as Lightning 20
Complete a Mayhem Designer fight against a total of 6 or more enemies with a time scale of 150%.

For this go to Custom Fight and then Mayhem Designer. Go to Movement Options and set the time scale to 150%. You can set it up however you want, but I chose "a few" inklings which is six and the round to 1. From there just start the match and defeat the enemies.

And Stay Down! 20
Finish off a Giant by bringing one down to its knees, then using Ground Shaker on its back.

I would combined this with "Pick on Someone Your Own Size". When the giant is down on his knees, just continue to do the Ground Shaker. (The Ground Shaker is where you jump up and when you're coming down you punch toward the ground.)

Volley! 20
Shoot 100 or more arrows with the Magic Bow during one fight.

The best place to get this is Chapter 12. You start off with a barrier in front of you which blocks the enemies’ spears as long as you are right beside it. Just get the flaming bow relic and move right beside the barrier and shoot at your own barrier. I say this because you don’t want to accidently destroy their barriers and have them rush you while you’re still going for the achievement. The bow relic will replenish so you won’t run out of arrows. Just keep an eye on the enemies’ spears.

Bullseye! 15
Use the Magic Bow to hit an enemy that is over 30 meters away.

In the same location as the “Volley!” achievement (Chapter 12), just aim your bow high and at an angle to shoot it to the enemies on the other side. Make sure your arrows go OVER their barriers and hit the enemies directly.

Double Black Belt of Awesomeness 65
Acquire all other achievements.

Self explanatory. This will unlock right after you get your last achievement.

Untouchable 30
For 3 minutes, avoid hitting and getting hit by enemies in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.

The strategy I used was when you have to close the first container, make sure you have one enemy still alive and close the container. I jumped onto the middle platform and waiting for him to jump up. Then jump down and he will jump down. Wait for him to get somewhat close and jump over him back to the middle platform. (I say “somewhat close” because you don’t want him too close to you when you jump or you’ll hit him.) After you jump the platform just power punch across to the end and wait for him to jump up. Jump down and repeat the process until the achievement pops. This 3 minutes feels like a long time, but if you keep to this strategy you’ll get it.

Also when flipping over the enemy I recommend doing back flips as opposed to front flips. With me, front flips seemed to move my character forward a little bit before actually flipping which results in hitting the enemy.

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