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Angry Most Glitches Ever!

All of my friends repeatedly told me how great RDR is. So when it became available on Xbox Marketplace as an on-demand download, I decided to give it a try. As I neared the conclusion of the game, however, I started noticing that the sound would randomly drop out. I would exit to the Xbox home page, and all would be fine. But start the game back up, and within a few minutes the sound would go out again. As I progressed, it got worse. Now, the sound drops immediately, cutscenes don't play (so I can't even read the subtitles), and the game gets stuck constantly refreshing.

I've deleted and redownloaded the game, cleared the cache and title update, etc. Nothing. Rockstar has nothing on its support page, and Xbox Live isn't exactly helpful when it comes to customer support.

All of this just to say, glitchiest game ever! I had to order an actual copy of the game just so I can beat it!
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