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Originally Posted by Quid Squid View Post
What a terrible game :/


The DLC added absolutely nothing to the story. I thought they might be trying to tie it in with the beginning of 4 by dropping it in the ocean, but that makes no sense since 4 takes place before this one.


I think I'm done with this series, this game and it's DLC ruined it for me. I was so excited for the time period, but I feel so let down. I remember the first time I saw the E3 footage from AC2 and people were cheering, I remember how excited I was for that game and it did not let down. I don't think we will have another point in this series like that again, sadly.
Ok I will bite... what do you mean by add absolutely nothing to the story? It showed us why Washington decided and was so utterly against becoming a king when founding the united states. To me that is giving us a reason for it in line with the assassins creed story. Keep in mind that in reality he was really faced with the choices of be the king or find a new way.

This did a great job of showing us why he felt so strongly about not being the king. He saw what absolute power could do to him even if only through a shared illusion with Connar.

The one weak point I will give you is that the memory fragments dont really explain where the guy he got the apple from found an apple.... or why that person wasnt using it. (seems only Desmond's family has the right DNA for it though, so one could argue that....)

However, if this was your last, I hope you find something else that you will enjoy. One should always pursue enjoyable games when parting with ones hard earned cash.
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