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Originally Posted by dakisbac View Post
So much this. The combat challenges on this game are a fucking joke for this very reason. Where I needed to practice and practice Arkham Asylum I've got gold on these challenges on my first try. Where getting a Freeflow Perfection (or close to) was essential for gold in Arkham Asylum, you can get away with just using strike (), evade (), and bat swarm (+).
Best news I've heard yet regarding this game! I spent so long trying to get just the last 2 gold medals on B:AA for those combat challenges. I felt like such a boss once I got it down, but I was REALLY not looking forward to revisiting that in this game - glad to hear they made them a bit easier!

(Though I gotta say, that one level in AA where the floor gets electrified was SO much easier once I did the explosive over the railing trick!)

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