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Always helpful to know just how to unlock the extra characters and modes in this game to help with achievements, so I'll list what I've found so far.

Extra Credits:
5 credits
- Play for 60 minutes total
8 credits - play for 180 minutes total
Free play - play for 300 minutes total.

R.A.D. - Beat the game in arcade mode using Ruby
Sensei - Beat the game in arcade mode using Tempest

Challenge mode
- beat the respective level in arcade mode
Arcade++ - Beat the game once
Challenge++ - Beat the game once
Retro Mode - Beat Arcade mode with Sensei


Female AI Voice - Beat Arcade mode using R.A.D.

If you have trouble beating the game with a certain character to unlock one you don't have yet, play with a character you're good with until the last boss, save one continue and decrease it's HP until close to death. Die and pick the character you need to beat the game with, finish off the boss and enjoy your unlocked extra character!
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