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Planning on buying the DLC not just for the achievements, looking forward to the challenges. If they would shut down the servers, I think it would be ripping off their own consumers. I know EA is not anymore like back in the TNFS days, but let's face it, it's corporate game company so if they want to take down some title, no-one would matter, even us, gamers, they wouldn't care. I hate the online pass subscriptions tho, I understand they need to manage the cost of running some their OWN servers (Autolog etc.) but come on, when I buy the game, why to buy online pass, have bought many titles just to discover that I can scratch my ass when it comes to multiplayer. I miss the old days, no DLC's to pay for, now it's like around 70 dollaz for game if you want the complete package, It's no more kids hobby, to play games, I don't need to mention that some DLCs/additional costumes to be downloaded is just for the sole purpose of making additional profit than to extend gamer/title experience (and with the achievements/trophy stuff, it's really forceful marketing strategy, hands down), and online playability from the start enabled, fu*k EA.
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