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Just finished getting all the achievements for it save for the 'blow up 250 dudes' one which I'm going to spam in the level where those Voldo guys keep repeating.

I, like alot of people got this game for cheap because I heard it's a bad game and bad games generally have easy to moderate challenge achievements for me to get. I started out not liking this game very much at the beginning especially since I didn't want to have to be switching between characters and learning which character to utilize with their powers and such.

Needless to say it took me way longer to complete this game than I did but it kinda grew on me. The fact that it's pretty easy on hard (Albiet a bit frustrating, STUPID TEAM AI) and there aren't any silly things to find and collect.

That being said, I actually grew to like and care for the characters, the story that was going on and I can say I'm a big fan of the music (The haunting Dark child theme is tops!) and will be looking for a soundtrack of sorts. The only thing that really hampers this game is the ending.

I haven't seen an ending this retarded since friggin' Sniper Ghost Warrior...another game with a bad rap I bought dirt cheap for achievements. I'm selling it when I'm finished hundred percentin' it, but I'll have the music to remind me of this decent title.
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