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Guys I have found out the best method for Trial 17:

Pick Zangief and Balrog, give em Stamina and Defensive Gems(because youll getting hit and the damage reduce is nice)

Against King you only have to Double Lariat him, if he is on the ground, press down back till he stands up. Use again Double Lariat and repeat this, you can easy do a perfect this way.

Hugo is the most difficult one from this 4 guys. You have hit him on the ground with zangief using your double lariat, than charging your ultra and release if you are yellow. Sometimes you will getting hit but this souldnt be a problem.

Against Marduk you can do it like the same way. Hit him with double lariat till hes on the ground than charge your ultra, you can easy charge your ultra and hit him with this.

Use Balrog against zangief. You only getting hitted once if you do it like that:
Do a straight dash punch against him than instantly do a neutral jump. He will try to grab you but you are in the air. Use your HP in the air than the hard punch on the ground. He will do a spinning piledriver, you can block it than instantly counter with a straight dash punch. Neutral jump and the two HPs. You can repeat this till he is dead.

Hope this will help you.
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