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Originally Posted by Miss Allen86 View Post
If you played the original games 1, 2, 3, 4 and then you play Downpour, you'll notice a big change from then to now. I believe the newer Silent Hill title are developed by a different company along side Konami of course but the changes in Downpour are noticeable. Downpour to me seemed more action filled and had you using weapons alot more often as for the older ones were more like a puzzle solving mind F game. Anyway enough of my ranting. Play the HD collection their classics but also play Downpour. Their all great games.
actually Downpour has less action than even Silent Hill 2 imo, the best example of this is that there is an achievement for completing the game without killing a monster. Most of the time you run from monsters in this game, you don't find alot of ammo and can't carry lots of guns as well.

Back to the subject though, I recommand you to play the HD Collection first!
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