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Originally Posted by GalaxyRed13 View Post
I know you posted this at the beginning of the week, so you're likely not working night shift now (unless you are until Monday, anyway). I just felt that I should go ahead and say that, it isn't that I want to wait, but your videos are pretty much a 100% guide (I can't seem to find any others that come close, by text or video), and I already finished part 18. That's why I'm waiting this time until you get to the boss in episode 2, since you seemed to only be uploading one video a day. Also since your videos haven't been more than 10 minutes a piece usually, I'm stuck in a waiting game. I'm sure others are too, obviously, but I haven't seen anyone else post in the thread since I started posting.
Well, I finish night shifts tonight, so I'll make sure to upload some more parts this coming week. The only other thing I could do is maybe take my Laptop to work with me and render videos there. I do care work, and at the moment I do "Sleep Ins" meaning that unless someone needs help during the night, I'm pretty much on standby, so maybe I could render videos whilst I'm waiting to be called on.
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