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Think I'm in trouble, help please

So, I wanted to take this game over to a friends house and show it to him, so I put my save file on a usb. We didn't end up playing but, when I brought it back to my house, I loaded my save off of the usb when I went to play the game again and now, all of my collectibles act like they have reset. I just did Archer Creek and had been collecting the items up to that point but, when I just picked up the next squirrel and poster in that area, they both said 1/however many there are for that item. Any ideas? Did I seriously just destroy my first run by just putting the save on a usb? I had really been enjoying the game up to this point but, if it's as easily beaten as just moving the save, then that's pretty unacceptable. If it was just a matter of the collectibles, I probably wouldn't care that much but, now I'm afraid that every stat that had a counter has reset and that I've messed up pretty much all the achievements. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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