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Still ticked that they refuse to add the Seven Ninja Swordsmen as Dlc :/

I know Anbu Itachi is out have to be a member of some crap that NS3 adverts :l
Itd make sense since theyre only doing outfits to put out Akatsuki Taka unsure whether theyd do Orochimaru

Personally as far as outfits go wouldnt mind seeing the other 4 Kage in the Kage get up like LS Ay
Yagura in Mizukage outfit would be nice one of my most used chars

Orochimaru in the Hidden Sound's FJacket would be neat

Would love Kakuzu in Akatsuki outfit and Hidan before outfit was ruined

Tobi unmasked would be nice to just name the dlc spoiler alert or something o.O
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