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Originally Posted by I GameMaster l View Post
here's a little table with our time zones and availability.

1.- I GameMaster l | CST 3:30
2.- DudeWithTheFace | CST anytime
3.- FAR QZ | EST 4:00
4.- dutchMau5z | NL ?? (NL = Netherlands)
5.- BlazeNBlur | EST 2:45-11:00
6.- streightshooter | EST 7:00-12:00

ps. straightshooter can you be earlier?
ps2. dutchMau5z when are you available mate?, can you stay later in the night?
My timezone is GMT+1. I have no idea how to convert this to EST, sorry!
I'll be available from... let's say 10:00-23:00 (GMT+1). But that's only until Thursday (incl. Thursday), I won't be available next week. But I see STREIGHTSHOOTER isn't available this week, unfortunately.
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