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Hail to the King - 40
Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass

Every kill, loot, and successful quest (both main and side) will net you XP. The maximum level in this game is Level 30. Make sure to loot every possible solider and container you can in order to gain as much XP as possible. After completing all the main missions and side quests, you should be around Level 25. You can always explore the island and kill any Blood Dragons you encounter for some great additional XP.

Running man - 30
After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth

Once you have saved Dr. Darling in the first garrison, you can work on this achievement right away. There should be a Blood Dragon in the immediate area surrounding this garrison if it was not killed in the attempt of taking over the outpost.

If there is no Blood Dragon around, simply venture out in the surrounding area and explore the island until you find one. Once you spot a Dragon, approach it from a distance and shoot a single arrow or bullet at it's center mass. It will become enraged and begin to glow red. Once the Dragon is red, it is in “Combat Mode.” Now quickly crouch in a bush or behind a tree and stay out of sight. Blood Dragons have poor eye sight, so when you are crouching, they are less likely to spot you.

If necessary, you can opt to throw a Cyber Heart out into the distance to further distract the Dragon. The Dragon will pace the area and eventually his glow will turn dim yellow, and then neon blue/green. Once it has calmed down and is no longer in “Combat Mode” the achievement will unlock.

Tooled Up - 20
Own all Weapons Attachments

There are a total of 25 weapon attachments that must be purchased for this achievement, which costs a total of $43,150. These attachments are not available from the start however; eight of the attachments will become available after completing all the Predator's Path side quests, while another eight will unlock after completing every Hostage Situation side quest. Furthermore, three attachments are tied into killing all twelve species of animals on the island and the last six are exclusive to recovering the TV Sets, Notes, and VHS Tapes across the island.

Make sure you loot every enemy solider, container/crate, and animal to maximize your wealth. If you want to save as much money as possible, there is a method of bypassing ammo purchase. Head over to a vendor inside a garrison and swap the weapon you need ammo for with another weapon. Swap it back to your previous weapon and you will now have full ammo. This method will save you a significant amount of money during your playthrough! The sum of attachments will be quite expensive, so don't leave any loot-ables unattended! Below, you can see a list of every attachment and the requirements for each:

  • Suppressor ($400) - Complete "Save a Nerd" Hostage Situation
  • Laser Sight ($400) - Complete "Birds with Attitude" Predator Path
  • Larger Mag ($1500) - Complete "Insane in the Braincage" Hostage Situation
  • Max Mags ($2000) - Recover 12 VHS Tapes
  • Light Barrel ($750) - Complete "Tiger Fist" Predator Path
  • Grip ($1000) - Complete "Unique Horn Dragon" Predator Path
  • Extended Mag ($1100) - Complete "Everyone's on a Boat" Hostage Situation
  • Full Auto ($2000) - Complete "Ruining Everything" Hostage Situation
  • Larger Mag ($1200) - Complete "Hunt the Sniper" Predator Path
  • Mag Pouch ($2000) - Complete "Mind the Teeth" Predator' Path
  • Laser Rounds ($3500) - Kill 9 Different Animals
Galleria 1991
  • Extended Mag ($750) - Recover 3 Carlyle Notes
  • Double Barrel ($1000) - Recover 9 TV Sets
  • Semi-Auto Upgrade ($1500) - Complete "Desperately Saving Susan" Hostage Situation
  • Real Huge Mag ($1750) - Recover 10 Carlyle Notes
  • Bandolier ($2000) - Complete "Save a Nerd - Part Deux" Hostage Situation
  • Quadruple Barrel ($2500) - Recover 18 TV Sets
  • Incendiary Rounds ($3750) - Kill All 12 Different Animals
  • Extended Mag ($1000) - Complete "Life's a Beach" Hostage Situation
  • High Powered Scope ($1000) - Complete "Turtle Killer" Predator Path
  • Fog Scope ($1250) - complete "He's Not Heavy, He's Big Boned" Predator Path
  • Aim Stabilizer ($1500) - Complete "Baiting the Hostage" Hostage Situation
  • Big Ol' Box of Ammo ($2200) - Recover 3 VHS Tapes
  • Semi-Auto Upgrade ($2750) - Complete "Insurance Scammer" Predator Path
  • Explosive Rounds ($3250) - Kill 6 Different Animals
If you are short on money post-game, you can visit THIS THREAD for a great method.

Derp - 20
Jump Down from 50 Meters

An ideal location to perform this jump is near a cliffside waterfall immediately after liberating the first garrison. The coordiantes you’ll want to mark are X: 524.3, Y: 463.9. Once the coordinates are placed, they will appear on the in-game map. Make your way over to the cliff, and simply sprint off the edge. When you land in the body of water below, the achievement will unlock.

Alternatively, you can also get this achievement naturally by progressing through the main storyline, as you will need to jump a great height off the dam during the second Mission. The fall will not kill you, and it will unlock the achievement. You can even get this achievement by using one of the random hand gliders found on the island, and jumping off of it midair into a body of water.

The Drug of the Nation - 20
Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message

There are a total of 32 TV SETS within the game. You can purchase a collectible map at a vendor inside a garrison to reveal their location on the world map. There are four maps in total; North East, North West, South East, and South West. Each map will cost $500 and will only be available for purchase once you have liberated a garrison within that region of the island.

Alternatively, for a collectible guide with all their locations and coordinates, please go HERE.

The Only True Stopper - 15
Headshot Every Type of Enemy

There are 11 different enemies in the game, so make sure you are on the lookout for them when liberating a garrison or tackling the main quests.

The best weapon to pull off headshots with would surprisingly be the pistol. Ironically, the sniper rifle and bow are not entirely recommended, as they're accuracy isn't too stable and they leave you extremely vulnerable to oncoming fire if you miss your shot.

Make sure to note the differences between every enemy. Most of them can be told apart from the weapon they are using. Also, if you are using your "binoculars" to tag enemies, you will notice unique icons above their person which specify which category they fall under: Assault, Sniper, Runner, and Heavy. Below, you can see a list of all enemy types:
  • Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault - wielding a Galleria 1991 Shotgun
  • Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
  • Elite Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
  • Runner - wielding Molotov's
  • Heavy - wielding a Terror 4000 Gatling Gun
  • Heavy - wielding a Flamethrower
  • Undead - wielding a tantoo knife
  • Undead - wielding Galleria 1991 Shotgun
  • Undead - wielding Molotov's
Be sure to score your headshots on all the Undead enemies before completing Mission 6 because they DO NOT respawn around the island post-game.

Additionally, make sure you do not miss the "Elite" variants of the Assault and Sniper soldiers. You can tell the Elite soldiers apart from their standard counterpart by their yellow outfits, whereas the regular soldiers have red/pink outfits. Overall, this achievement shouldn't be a problem if you are taking the combat slowly and making sure you headshot every new enemy you encounter across the main quests.

Secret Achievements

Welcome to the Party, Pal - 10
Finished Helicopter Entry

Story related, cannot be missed.

One Small Step - 20
Finished First Garrison

Story related, cannot be missed.

End Game - 50
Finished Final Showdown

Story related, cannot be missed.

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